pocket city apk

Pocket city apk is an immersive and popular electronic sports genre game for builders and fun management. The game requires Android from 4.1 and above
The current version of the game is 1.1.250
The game was updated on January 25, 2019, developed by Codebrew.
In the game, you will be turned into mayor. You will build your own city, because you manage to make people richer and more civilized. Will you build the city according to your preferences, the city in your dream how will you build when you’re the mayor? No, but you have to manage your people to make them better every day. The game will give you great leadership, promising talent. Here are the opinions of some gamers:
Lon Ton
January 28, 2019
The president of the people respects happiness

Dinh Choc
January 25, 2019
Like doing what you do, people have the right to be happy.

February 1, 2019
Should update the graphics, add more beautiful landscapes
By your side
January 26, 2019
The president should have more beautiful clothes, splendid

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navigon usa apk

Navigon usa apk is an immersive sports game on Android that is very interesting and famous for its dramatic and interesting
Games with Total downloads: 12900
The game is Publisher: Garmin Wurzburg GmbH
The game was released on January 11, 2016
Game publisher: NAVIGON USA
The game has the latest version 5.8.0 updated on May 1, 2018
The game size is 30 mb
The game allows us to go anywhere in the world, go where we want to go, do what we want to do. You will have the right that no one can get. You will build facilities, you will become a wonderful, perfect person in everyone’s eyes. Characteristic of the game, it is very interesting, you will receive compliments from many people. You feel very interesting and inspiring. You are like a king in the strongest aristocrats. You will become truly great if you know how. There are many inspirations, many feelings that you will convey into the game. That’s so great, isn’t it? Experience and enjoy the game!

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marvel strike force mod apk

Simpleplanes APK is a great electronic sports game on Android and is known for its dramatic and exciting fighter simulation genre.
Game requires Android from 4.0.3 and up
The latest version of the game is Updated
May 23, 2018 with full of interesting features.
The size of the game is 97 mb and it is not necessary to enter the network to play the game, is it beautiful? Besides, the Game also needs at least 512 MB RAM and 1GHz CPU to experience the smoothest and smoothest game possible.
The game has been installed and experienced by more than 100,000 users. The game is developed by Developer
Jundroo, LLC is famous. The game costs $ 4.99.
The game gives you the experience of driving any plane to fight. You will combine the parts of the aircraft the way you want to achieve your performance as well as your liking. When you have successfully designed the aircraft, you will bring your plane to life, fighting like a destruction machine. The game will give you a very interesting experience, not in the form of a certain game, but a new, creative game, to help you feel a real aerial battle. There are many interesting and interesting items waiting for you. You will experience an extremely new and exciting game. The game quality is very good, play without shock, lag, help you immerse yourself in the battle as a real pilot. Anything else, but not download and no experience. Here are the opinions of some gamers:
Black: Goodgame
delta: great, haven’t played any good games like this game
iland: attractive game, helps players to reduce stress and fatigue very well
lucian: playing games without boredom, I didn’t get rid of it in everyday life, thank you very much for publishing
sylascian: good game

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marvel strike force mod apk

marvel strike force mod apk is a famous, best game on Android, very awesome.
The latest version of the game is 2.3.1
Game in online mode
The game requires machines from Android 4.4 and above
Game size: 95 Mb
New updated version Troubleshooting can prevent the game from booting through a slow connection
In MARVEL Strike Force apk, the great RPGs of android. You will join the superheroes to fight for the peace of the earth. It is so interesting, you will experience fights full of illusions. Fighting each other without knowing boredom. Each experience is an art. You will make interesting directions. Heroes have very strange and interesting skills. Superhuman abilities will appear, fighting like superheroes, you have the abilities that ordinary people don’t have. You will be like gods, have miracles, You fight to save the world. With your interests, this is probably a game that can’t be missed. Please install and try it, it will be great.

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