army men strike mod apk


army men strike mod apk is an interesting and popular electronic sports game based on Android for lovers of dramatic and exciting games.
The game requires Android version 2.0 and above to support iOS 9.0 and above to experience.
The latest version of the game is 2.83.2. updated on 13/2/2019
The game has a capacity of 97 mb
The game was developed by the great talent developer Yuan Prism
This game is a comprehensive intellectual game. In the game, you will build your fortress so no enemies can resist. You will use plastic soldiers to protect and attack all other players around the world. When you win their territory, you can earn a lot of gold, increase production and grow. You will build the most powerful army to fight against all other players. Join firepower and war for your glory, you will use different types of troops. Each type of plastic soldier has its own remedy, so use it properly to win. In parallel with that, you should build a stable base as possible, so that no enemies can poke and hit you. Here are the opinions of some gamers:

The bird
Too much fighting, bullying the weak
Likes · Feedback · 6 days

update it, fight less, and raise troops
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Dung Dung
The houses are a bit weak, slightly sniffed
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Mon Quang
This game is very good, very cool strategy game
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Quang cu
Young people are so strong, they fight all the time
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Upgrade fast home everyone
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Dinh Thon
The house is weak, they beat all the time
Likes · Feedback · 1 month

Show Cave
Need to upgrade the game
Likes · Feedback · 2 months

Long Tai
Should add effects when fighting
Likes · Feedback · 2 months

Tai Cubin
Great, add new troops
Likes · Feedback · 2 months

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